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  1. NoSkill_IzDa

    Jesuscod4 - Member Application

    Yea a forum bug i mean c onnections
  2. NoSkill_IzDa

    Jesuscod4 - Member Application

    Hey i like you application but you have not enough black pudding!(22) Im sorry but i say -1! GOOD LUCK
  3. NoSkill_IzDa

    SharrYyY - Member Application

    Okay i think about all over it... You a good Guy and would be ofc for +1 but you have not really many connections. But i think thats okay for me... I know thats not many but i saw you often on a Server (masked to) and never had really problems with you. You often afk but i think thats easy to fix. Im only a little bit for +1! Good Luck!
  4. NoSkill_IzDa

    SharrYyY - Member Application

    Hey Ev / SharrYyY-, i see you very often (btw im Shifty.´OK?! and NoSkill_IzDa) You have 167 connection... Thats not really many but ok. You chatlogs are looks okay and i dont think so that you speak some bad things in you lang. First problem: You god damn many kicks for afk. Leave the server when you go to be afk and everything would be fine 2nd problem: You clan... How i see there 1-2 more ppl than you that wear that tag... I dont think that we can trust you to warn you clanmates when they break some rules.... First i say -1 but ill wait for other admins what they say
  5. NoSkill_IzDa

    Declined:kacpernew - Member Application

    I must say that you have only 25 connections. Thats really not enough! You used already our tag and i hope you dont do it again ;D Thats why i must say: -1
  6. NoSkill_IzDa

    Accepted:McTime - Member Application

    Okay everyone sayed +1 here can we accept that please here?
  7. NoSkill_IzDa

    Accepted:McTime - Member Application

    Yes i know him we friend also to and he is always online. He has 218 and only he get only 5 kick! And that for 1 time afk, 1 time ci, and 3 time rule6.... And the chatlogs are ok. I hope i can see you with a VSG tag on the server! A BIG +1 And respect you have never really break a rule....
  8. NoSkill_IzDa

    Declined:XNON - Member Application

    Update: My decision has been made... Unfortunately, it will be -1 again because the 2 day ban only increased that you are obviously not ready to become an Admin! You have a complete page of warnings for all the rules! (I didn't pay attention to that in the first answer because i know what it´s like to apply with many warnings) this is also the 3 attempts to become admin. And it looks to me that you have put no effort into this attempt! I would advise you to follow the rules completely! That's not really hard to follow the rules... Before i was a admin i was breaking rules everywhere... I was Scroll shooting and was all the time saying "fuck". But i want really become Admin and stopped that and here im. It only shows me that you want our VSG tag for a status symbol and to be able to exercise power. And i just want to say that´s MY opinion. I cant speak for other admins!
  9. NoSkill_IzDa

    Declined:XNON - Member Application

    You say by youself that you applied already... You connections are good with 581. You got 3 Warns in the last 3 days... You Chatlogs looks okay. But i dont think that you would be a good Admin... You a good player and i hope that you dont take it bad from me. At first i say -1 but i wait for other Admins what they say... Good Luck
  10. NoSkill_IzDa


  11. NoSkill_IzDa

    BigShaq - Member Application

    But it makes no sence... You should know how long you play already cod4. And only because you tired should not change you memories. And you can edit it everytime(im sure but when not im sorry)
  12. NoSkill_IzDa

    BigShaq - Member Application

    How i see have you applied before...And i see that you sayed in you application befor that you played already between 4 and 5 years. And in this application you say have played between 1 and 2 years. Maybe thats only a misstake but it would be great when you have a explanation for that. At first my decision is -1. It looks for me that you lied in you application befor and here to! I dont like ppl when they lie! I will only change it when you have a good reason for that!
  13. NoSkill_IzDa


  14. NoSkill_IzDa

    Declined:Useless - Member Application

    Nothing to say only +1 from me
  15. NoSkill_IzDa

    Declined:ProPicanac - Member Application

    Yes, but if you don't know your name correctly from you old acc i cant look at u warns/connections/Chatlogs... I can only evaluate this acc. Sorry but the answer is again -1

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