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  1. KenEvil

    Declined:kacpernew - Member Application

    kacpernew Using our tags could result in a ban from all of our servers. That said I think we can draw a line under that and look at this application a fresh. But you do need to connect to our servers more and try visiting as many as possible.
  2. KenEvil

    __--ZAIBI--__ - Member Application

    Just looking over your last application and must say there were a lot of positive comments. If you have sorted the ping issue out then I can't see a problem. You will need to be patient while the team look into this application though.
  3. KenEvil

    __--ZAIBI--__ - Member Application

    Hello, Thank you for applying to join VSG. What happens now: We will take the next few days to review your submission, look at your history on our servers and then come to a decision on your application. If you are unsuccessful on this attempt, an Community Manager or Administrator dealing with your application will provide you with some tips on how to rectify any issues they may find. When will I hear of the decision: There is no set time on how long we look at applications as every player has a different history. It won't be long now! How will I know if I have been accepted or not: You will be contacted by Private Message on the forums and on Discord if your are successful.  If I am not accepted can I appeal the decision?: No, you cannot appeal the decision made. However if the Community Manager leave you some useful tips on how to get accepted next time you apply, you should take the advice! What can I do while I'm waiting for a decision?: Review your application and make sure you have answered all questions honestly. Make sure you have provided us with enough information, this speeds up the process. Continue playing and try out all of our servers. If you haven't already please join us on Discord: Click here to Join! If you have any questions, please contact one of the Community Managers. Good Luck!
  4. KenEvil

    Accepted:McTime - Member Application

    OK Bunny well that equates to a -2. You voting for someone has a reverse affect!
  5. KenEvil

    Accepted:McTime - Member Application

    Anyone with an alias as egg Mcmuffin and bacon has got to be a +1
  6. KenEvil

    Declined:XNON - Member Application

    You have an application in to become an admin but are still getting warnings. You don’t seem to be able to act like a big boy do you. Seems very immature and not at the same level our admins are at. DECLINED As this is your third attempt and you are still getting warnings all future applications from you will be declined.
  7. KenEvil

    Declined:XNON - Member Application

    Damn Coronavirus gets everywhere. I am also lagging but I thought that was due to my age. Plenty of warnings, none serious but warnings all the same. Maybe a bit mischievous. Having not seen you in game I cannot comment on how you are as a person/player but have noted what @NoSkill_IzDa has said. Lets see what other admins say before a decision is made.
  8. KenEvil

    B-Rabbit - Member Application

    Well you haven't tried to contact anox as requested, also I see you have Bigshaq as an aliase . . DECLINED!
  9. KenEvil

    B-Rabbit - Member Application

    On it's own this is a very impressive application. However I question if you and Bigshaq are the same person as not only are your applications very similar you have the same IP address. You can run the game twice or more on the same PC by loading it twice, which does give the appearance of two players. I will decline this application if you do not give an acceptable reason as to why you have the same IP addresses as Bigshaq, plus appear at the same time and use very similar expressions/words in your application. And point of fact. Roseberg has not been in formula one for three seasons at least. It may be good for you to speak with @anoX on Discord.
  10. KenEvil

    BigShaq - Member Application

    Well I have never seen so much uncertainty about how genuine an application is. On top of this there are other factors that have been considered. DECLINED !
  11. KenEvil

    BigShaq - Member Application

    Can we take applications a little more seriously. PS I recon they do live together!
  12. KenEvil

    Declined:Useless - Member Application

    Your are a great Useless person! Sorry meant to say, a great person useless. But look at this statement you made . . . Useless mate, I feel we would not be helping you get your life back to how it was if we accepted you back into VSG. My advice to you is go out and kick a ball around with your mates instead of sitting at a desk facing a computer screen. Also Adam has a good point! Declined on humanitarian grounds but please re-join the family on Discord. Maybe review again at another time.
  13. KenEvil

    Declined:ProPicanac - Member Application

    So the connections are low and will need to be a lot more than they currently are. Language isn't that bad but there is a bit of the F word in English and Croation but chat is mostly good. No real penalties. bren asked for more information about yourself but you have not added more!!! This application is on hold until 21st July (1 month) and dependant on more connections and you completing the 'Tell us about you" section it will be reopened on the 21st.
  14. KenEvil

    Accepted:wallie - Member Application

    Well it's been a long time since an application has received so much feedback and the good thing is it's good feedback. I'm happy with this application.

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