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  1. Your In Game Name Niall Age 23 Where are you from? United Kingdom, Leicester Favourite Server Search & Destroy How long have you played Call of Duty 4 for? More than 5 years Are you currently a member of another group/clan/community? I am not. Do you have any moderation experience? No Have you applied to join VSG before, if so give details I have not applied for VSG before. Are you available on Discord? Yes Tell us about you Hey all, so I have been thinking about making an application for a few days based on a few reasons after playing on your servers for a little while now. One of them is the staff you have and who I have played with, of course I haven't spoke or played with them all however the ones that I have are always polite and I enjoy playing with them. Second reason is how the servers are ran, the fact that normally every time I have played, there is always a member of staff on the server. Also how clean of cheaters the servers are, I think of all the time I have played on the servers I have ever only seen two 'blatant and obvious' cheaters and it was dealt with very quickly even when there wasn't an admin playing on the server at that time. Regarding my time on the servers I don't believe I have been in trouble with breaking any of the rules and I have tried to be as active as possible as the VSG S&D server is pretty much the only thing I play on when playing COD4. A bit about myself.. I am a currently working as a Sport Coach for students at my local college. There I have to set up and run the sessions for them and try and educate them about all sorts of different sports that I can. I currently aspire to be a Football (or 'Soccer' smh) Coach for a professional team, as much as I enjoy teaching students about sport I love playing as I do every Saturday afternoon for my local Football team at a pretty decent level. Despite the outcome, thank you!!

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