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  1. Craig

    Accepted:jackkkk - Member Application

    Good luck on your application.
  2. Craig

    New Aliass

    I fully blame you for that you know that right?
  3. Craig

    AleksandrA - Member Application

    I'm never sleeping at your house now I know this...
  4. Craig

    Cake - Member Application

    Only took me 15 minutes. You need to step up your game lad!
  5. Oh... It's you again. I wondered what the smell was!
  6. Craig

    Deadshooter - Member Application

    Good luck with your application.
  7. Craig

    Bast - Member Application

    Nice application, good luck
  8. Craig

    Sco82 - Member Application

    Good luck with the application, you're a good player and a pain to play against
  9. Craig


    ESP / Wallhack
  10. Craig

    anoX - Member Application

    Hey, glad to see you back and just as eager to join as before. Really nice application great to see the improvement. Good luck with your application, catch you on the servers or Discord soon
  11. Craig

    Nessie - Member Application

    Welcome to the forums and server(s), good luck with your application. See you online soon!

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