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  1. Matt

    Declined:GopnikBcBlyat - Member Application

    Hello. Thank you for taking the time to "fill" out an application, unfortunately, I have to decline this due to your age, as we are predominantly an 18+ community. However, you are more than welcome to play on our servers, and we look forward to seeing you there. Thanks, Matt
  2. As this is the only thing you wrote in an application to request that we give you control over our servers, I must ask that you elaborate on the above statement. I would also request that you provide some detail.
  3. Matt


  4. Matt


  5. I'm going to +1
  6. Matt

    Accepted:SharrYyY - Member Application

    I'm going to go against the grain and +1
  7. @kacpernew all replies will be made in this thread, no need to keep making new applications Please be patient
  8. Matt

    BigShaq - Member Application

    Bump for final decision.
  9. Matt

    Cod 4 maps

    Main issue - 13 year old game, limited maps, only 5 work well on snd, and people don't want to download custom maps. (bigger issues with visibility for custom maps also). We're kinda against the wall unfortunately.
  10. Matt

    Cod 4 maps

    As for the other maps that are not in the pool, yes, when these maps are chosen, the population of the server drops. We have run all maps in rotation, but it is the players on the server who consistently vote for the same maps again and again, hence the current map pool. Not surprisingly, these maps are the ones that have been proven to work on SND (see comp pool). With the voting, there is no point to add more maps, as they do not get voted for, or if they do, it will be a vote for novelty, a few rounds are played, then the playerbase realises that downpour is terrible on SND, angrily types "shit map" and leaves. If we were to add more maps, then we would have to consider to removing the voting system, and force the rotation to ensure diversity. However this has been discussed before, and the hit to both the amount of players, and server metrics is not worth it. As it stands, the map pool will stay the same as has been proven to be the requested pool as per the playerbase. This does not mean however that myself and the admin team are not open to discussion, and would be delighted to be presented with different viewpoints.
  11. Matt

    Declined:Death_Stroke_OP - Member Application

    Hi OP, Thanks for taking the time to post an app. We typically look for more effort in an application before admin is given to our servers, so I am going to decline at this time. We look forward to seeing you on the servers and getting to know you. Thanks, Matt
  12. Oh it's this dude. Yeah Aight. +1

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