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  1. Welcome Hassan thanks for applying. Decent amount of connections but no moderation experience. As deadshooter mentioned your connection is not the best and you don't seem to be doing anything to sort it out before teleporting across the map. The warnings alongside the chatlogs unfortunately make you seem like quite a toxic player. For now -1
  2. Hello Sam, thanks for applying. You application looks decent and the chat logs are quite clean, but you only seem to have 36 connections on all of our servers, which might not be enough unfortunately. Also be sure to check out some other [VSG] servers apart from snd core. Good luck
  3. With 1349 connections and only half a page of warnings (mostly for spectating when the server is full) you seem like quite an honest and loyal player on our servers. You specified that you have no previous moderation experience but you have been playing on our server for quite a while I see, so I will assume you have a pretty good understanding of our rule set. The only thing you will have to work on is getting familiar with the b3 commands and some other admin platforms we use. As Codex mentioned, discord is a must but that is easily fixed if you download it and join our server with the provided link. As you have not given me any valid reason to vote differently, a big +1 from me. Good luck!
  4. anoX

    Cloudy - Member Application

    Quite an honest app not gonna lie. Don't think i've played with you on our servers yet. Your number of connections is low unfortunately (86) but 80% of the chatlogs seem fine at least to me, the other 20% i don't understand Bo jest w języku polskim. Other than the connections, definitely a +1, good luck!
  5. anoX

    FactorX - Member Application

    Shown decent skill every time i've seen you online, never had problems with warnings or something in that manner. Speaking about chatlogs and your name it seems like your really like the said porn star but I feel like having a name like that in our admin roster does not really paint a great picture for the rest of the team (easily avoided by sticking to a cleaner nick as mentioned above). A bit of a rocky application but I wish you good luck P.S: Don't forget to join our discord server and hit me up, I can help you find some promod mixes if you are interested. Cheers.
  6. anoX


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  8. anoX


  9. anoX


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  12. anoX


  13. anoX

    tigerman20 - Member Application

    Unfortunately this might affect your application, but we will see how the vote goes. Good luck!
  14. anoX


  15. anoX

    tigerman20 - Member Application

    Only 42 connections tho..

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