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  1. I'd much rather you spam buttons in game rather than on the forums but you do you pal
  2. Adam

    Cake - Member Application

    Does it only take 10 dates to get into your pants? Welcome welcome
  3. Adam

    Reini - Member Application

    Hi Max & welcome to VSG. I've had a very quick glance at your profile and it's not looking good. Saying that someone takes a penis in their bum because they use a claymore is a pretty low key. I'm sure you appreciated the pretty explosion though. Your application was rushed and it's clear you just want to wear our tag. You can only wear the VSG tag once you become a member which of course, you need to be approved. With your current attitude to fellow players, this isn't going to happen any time soon. Clear that up and you might just find yourself killing players with a claymore too! I'm going to decline your application for the reasons above. Please do carry on playing on our servers but do remove our tag from your nickname. Kind regards, Adam.
  4. Adam

    Niall - Member Application

    Edit - Who even like fußball in 2k19 smh +1
  5. Adam

    cod4 lag

    Ping is just the time it takes for you to send a packet to the server and for it to be sent back to you. This should, as JK said, be stable. If it's not stable then you need to have a look at the way you're connecting and figure out what's going wrong. For most people, there problem lies in using a wireless network whether that would be using a phone carrier signal or using wifi to transmit data instead of using an Ethernet cable directly into their PC. I would also remove any CFG's you have if you have any for COD4. Let us know the outcome!
  6. Adam

    Deadshooter - Member Application

    Your application is interesting. I have just one question - If you saw someone in game shooting through buildings and objects without the sight of someone, what would you call that. How does that differ from an aimbot.
  7. Adam


  8. Adam

    Lex - Member Application

    Lex has my vouch I guess. He's was a level 60 some time ago. We wouldn't be missing much if we said no
  9. Adam


    Multihack HCFFA HJ
  10. Adam


    You can find the Discord link on top of the forums again.
  11. Adam

    New Server-Modification Ideas

    I am currently trying to get Knife only to work on 1.8x and to include knife lunge. I've been told it's not possible but over the weekend... I think I found out how I can do it. I'm not promising anything yet but it's what I'm currently working on.
  12. Adam


  13. Adam

    anoX - Member Application

    VSG is sure a fun place to hang out. We provide every member with the tools needed to keep the servers clean from hackers, abusive players etc. So if you were to join VSG, you'd be handed the same set of tools. Catch you in the field

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