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  1. I'm putting this application on hold to see how you play out on the servers for a while so we can keep an eye on you. I would say mind you, your application is super close to being accepted but just abuse at bad team mate in chat I'll look at this in a week.
  2. Adam

    Declined:__--ZAIBI--__ - Member Application

    Denied on multiple basis but mostly because It seems you just want the VSG tag to show off a bit and not to moderate the server and community. Feel free to re-apply in 6 months... maybe.
  3. Adam

    Declined:dileepa_madushan - Member Application

    Hey, Thanks for applying to become a VSG admin. I'd like to know a bit more about what you would do if you were to become an Admin in game. What do you feel you need to do in game to be a good VSG Admin. Do you have any knowledge of what our current Admins do and the tasks they perform on a daily basis.
  4. Adam

    Accepted:GrzeSielski - Member Application

    Hey and welcome to VSG! Your application looks fine. I'm sorry if this sounds more like an interview atm but we currently have enough Admins that are on the servers daily to fill the population of the servers and keep an eye on players which means, we need someone that's going to be able to moderate the servers and community well. Would you be up to the task? Do you feel that you're just joining for the VSG tag or could you bring something to the community? Again, sorry for the interview style question. I know it must feel daunting replying to this however, I'm just trying to keep our Admins in check Thanks for your application and time spent here so far!
  5. Suddenly interested
  6. Congratulations! Your application has been successful... What now? Please check your Private Messages here on the forums and on Discord. If you're not already apart of our Discord Click Here! Welcome to the team!
  7. Adam

    Cryptiic - Member Application

    Hi Jason, Thanks for your interest in becoming an in game Admin for VSG. I noticed that you've only just joined the servers recently which is amazing! However, we do ask for our Admins to be familiar with VSG, it's members and the regulars on the servers so with that, feel free to apply in a couple of weeks or a month, whenever you feel more comfortable knowing that you've been around for some time and are starting to get to grips with VSG. See you on the field, Adam.
  8. Luke has been eargly awaiting our CJ to come back online and only got the PW to the locked server the other day. I'll keep this open and will wait for a few days to see what's going on with it.
  9. I'd much rather you spam buttons in game rather than on the forums but you do you pal
  10. Adam

    Cake - Member Application

    Does it only take 10 dates to get into your pants? Welcome welcome
  11. Adam

    Reini - Member Application

    Hi Max & welcome to VSG. I've had a very quick glance at your profile and it's not looking good. Saying that someone takes a penis in their bum because they use a claymore is a pretty low key. I'm sure you appreciated the pretty explosion though. Your application was rushed and it's clear you just want to wear our tag. You can only wear the VSG tag once you become a member which of course, you need to be approved. With your current attitude to fellow players, this isn't going to happen any time soon. Clear that up and you might just find yourself killing players with a claymore too! I'm going to decline your application for the reasons above. Please do carry on playing on our servers but do remove our tag from your nickname. Kind regards, Adam.
  12. Adam

    Niall - Member Application

    Edit - Who even like fußball in 2k19 smh +1
  13. Adam

    cod4 lag

    Ping is just the time it takes for you to send a packet to the server and for it to be sent back to you. This should, as JK said, be stable. If it's not stable then you need to have a look at the way you're connecting and figure out what's going wrong. For most people, there problem lies in using a wireless network whether that would be using a phone carrier signal or using wifi to transmit data instead of using an Ethernet cable directly into their PC. I would also remove any CFG's you have if you have any for COD4. Let us know the outcome!

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