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  1. BunnyBro

    SharrYyY - Member Application

    Oî SharrYyY- ! You have a decent ping, you're friendly in game and look motivated. Which is nice. And as 1990sReloaded said, you removed your clan tag. But you only have 207 connections and only on SnD server. So please explain the:
  2. BunnyBro

    Accepted:McTime - Member Application

    A clear +1 for me!
  3. BunnyBro

    Cod 4 maps

    Thoses maps work well on SND, let's try them on VSG hardened! But it's still a problem for Core. The maps are the heart of any FPS and I hope it will give a revival if we change a bit. You're not annoying because many players can feel the same.
  4. BunnyBro

    Cod 4 maps

    How about: We keep the voting system and just add a banner on the server which say: VSG BOT: Come on the discord to vote for the "Map of the Week"! Then we choose the map with the more upvote each Week (or Month) and replace the other one in the rotation. A new outsider map is here to breack the routine but the classical map are still enable.
  5. BunnyBro

    Declined:Useless - Member Application

    +1 from me!
  6. BunnyBro


  7. BunnyBro


    I agree, it's one of the best mod with Codjumper But Obscurity server is always empty on the IceOps one: What make you think there will be more players on VSG? new players don't go on it because it's too hard. What do you think this mod need to refill his community?
  8. BunnyBro


  9. BunnyBro

    Dead silence problem

    Hi DrManco! The HC FFA server is open to every kind of skill. People are free to play as they want if they respect the rules. So maybe: if we delete this perk, we'll delete a way players enjoy this server. I understand what you mean by a serious gamemod. But there's less objectiv and it's less restrictiv than S&D. Plus, I don't heard them with a decent headphone. But as SXB said And I'm totally for it. Have fun and see you in-game!
  10. BunnyBro


  11. BunnyBro


  12. BunnyBro

    Accepted:BunnyBro - Member Application

    Got it, no problem. I'm connect on the main chat.
  13. Your In Game Name BunnyBro Age 25 Where are you from? France Favourite Server Gun Game How long have you played Call of Duty 4 for? More than 5 years Are you currently a member of another group/clan/community? Nope Do you have any moderation experience? Yes Have you applied to join VSG before, if so give details Nope Are you available on Discord? No Tell us about you I used to play on COD4 since many years and I love the mod of this game. I was an admin on Nice°Deathrun 3 years ago, but I took a breack last year when my potatoeLaptop died. Now I'm back on buisness. I play everyday on VSG server, took some record on FFA, win 100+ game of GunGame and found a friendly community on the Glitch ON server. So I just want to help the VSG staff. ^^ Also, I came back to AgeOfEmpire 2 with the definitve edition, if you know some good English/French streamer, tell me!

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