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  1. McTime

    Declined:kacpernew - Member Application

    I join my teammates. sorry. unfortunately also a no from me. -1 maybe another time
  2. Your In Game Name McTime Age 32 Where are you from? Germany Favourite Server Search & Destroy How long have you played Call of Duty 4 for? More than 5 years Are you currently a member of another group/clan/community? No. I have been playing CoD4 since the game was launched. Earlier in the ESL. Do you have any moderation experience? Yes Have you applied to join VSG before, if so give details No, I haven't done that yet. I am very happy with you and like the people I have fun with and have already made some friends here. I play for fun and like to learn a few Trix from others. Are you available on Discord? Yes Tell us about you Hello everyone. I would like to apply to you as an active player. i have had a lot of experience in cod4 since the game came on the market. About me: I am 32 years old ( 01.11.1987 ) and I was born in Berlin ( DDR ) , live in Bochum Germany and only play with you, or on your servers because it is the most fun there for me. My english is very rusty to form in terms of sentences. read no problem. Izda, Gozu and Spex already know me, also bunny, Lex, Bren, Monty ...... . I would also like to have the server with sponsors at Discord. of course every month. If there is the possibility to support your root server or game server I would like to do so. You are a nice group where I can mix with. I would be very happy about a positive answer. If the answer is negative, I also agree. My Discord name is: McTime # 9180. I was happy to be very active in the Esl and only play because this game is a lot of fun for me. I also like to learn from others. All in all: it's just a game and we are a community. Best Regards. Maximilian Manfred von der Dunk (aka McTime)

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