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  1. Akeela

    Accepted:Akeela - Member Application

    Hello anoX, Thank you. I look forward to the outcome of your vote! Yes, I am a polite player, I dont hate on anyone, but I am not afraid to call out someone for doing something against rules. Cheers!
  2. Akeela

    Accepted:Akeela - Member Application

    Hey you all, for those that gave me a +1, thank you ! I hope to hear from the Main Admins soon for my status on membership, and possible Admin status as well! Back to more playing! Talk to you all soon!
  3. Akeela

    Accepted:Akeela - Member Application

    the V@G tag is from my Half Life 2 days... "Very Aggressive Gamers" is what is means. Its been quite awhile since then, but we all still show our tag even tho its been many many moons since we had our server up ! The {A} signifies that I am an Admin on that server. My true username is just Akeela. I do play on other servers, I am sure I will see you there.. and Im not sure why, but sometimes my name shows up with the V@G and other times it doest. I really dont know why it does that. Maybe because of Steam? I do not know. P.S. Ich bin entschlossen, erfolgreich zu sein
  4. Akeela

    Accepted:Akeela - Member Application

    I have created a Discord account if you so choose to speak to me. Name is Akeela. I have tried some of your other servers, but sadly, there are not that many players on them if any at all. Maybe it is from the time difference I do not know. I do spend a lot of time on the High Jump FFA, and like I mentioned before, I do tend to yell at people for not following the rules. We all just want to play and enjoy the time, not have to be heckled by morons trying to get a #1 spot by spawn kills or what not. Hope to hear from you all soon. Enjoy your day!
  5. Your In Game Name Akeela Age 42 Where are you from? Massachusetts, USA Favourite Server High Jump FFA How long have you played Call of Duty 4 for? More than 5 years Are you currently a member of another group/clan/community? No Do you have any moderation experience? Yes Have you applied to join VSG before, if so give details No, I have not Are you available on Discord? No Tell us about you I have been playing COD4 for many years. Im not the best player, but I have fun. I do tend to call people out when they spawn kill, or do other stupid stuff. Like, camping under the map, etc. I talked to another admin, Meerkat, and he said that you might be looking for more admins for the servers. I have moderated other games, like Half Life 2DM, Left4Dead2, of which I used to run my own servers. I have never moderated COD 4 before, nor am I familiar with b3. But I think I can pick it up fairly quickly. If you want, I can make a discord account to speak with someone if that is a requirment. I just don't have enough contacts to where I have an established discord account. Anyhow, Thank you for your time in consideration for me applying to be an admin/moderator on your COD4 High Jump FFA server. Stay safe, have fun! -- Akeela

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