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  5. Just to make it clear, if you don't have any connection problems anymore, please message on of the community managers or administrators and we will reopen this application.
  6. Jk

    FactorX - Member Application

    If your primary concern is promod, I'll have to tell you that our promod activity has its ups and downs, and currently definitely a down. If you however are happy to join our team just for shits and giggles and help keeping the servers clean, then let us know by expanding the 'Tell us about you' section. In regards to that, you've got a solid amount of connections and a pretty clean sheet when it comes to warnings. Good luck! P.S.: Might wanna stick to one name should this go further.
  7. Jk

    tigerman20 - Member Application

    Hey, good looking application. Low amount of connection has been mentioned so don't be worried if we might take a bit longer before we make a decision. Looking at your profile, you should note though that admins should not encourage things like "only RPG/only xxx", as we are strictly against those kind of things on our servers. Just my two cents. Good luck!
  8. Hey fAker, we've decided to ACCEPT your application. Welcome to VSG! I've sent you a pm on discord, please check that for further information.
  9. Jk

    NoKiA - Member Application

    Nothing to do with bad luck. Application is DECLINED. Feel free to apply again in 2 months. Take that time we give you to learn our rules. All of them, it ain't that many.
  10. Jk

    Tetrac - Member Application

    Hey Tetrac, we've decided to ACCEPT your application. Welcome to VSG! Please check your PM's for information.
  11. Jk

    Roger - Member Application

    Also, please write your next application in English so we don't need to hire a translator, cheers.
  12. Jk

    cod4 lag

    First of all, it's "I" and not "a". You're describing the problem yourself: Your ping ranges from 70 to 125; it's not stable and therefore you lag.
  13. Jk

    Mon2e4 - Member Application

    Looking at your profile history i see quite a few warnings and bans regarding glitching as well as scripting, some of them relatively recent. That does not give me the impression that you can respect and enforce our rules when you continuously break them yourself. Also mildly concerned about your english skills. Just my two cents.
  14. Jk

    TIMEKILLER - Member Application

    Hello Timekiller, thank you for being interested in becoming an admin on our servers. Unfortunately we have an age limit of 16 for our admins. Therefore I will have to DECLINE your application.
  15. Jk



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