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  1. Lex

    Reporting an admin

    Ps. I personally think you've been warned by me about camping. Your name rings a bell.
  2. Lex

    Reporting an admin

    Lmao, Santos with the no mercy hammer #FreemymansLuur Sike, listen to what Santos is saying, had a bit complaints from other players regarding your play style in the past.
  3. Lex

    Gozu - Member Application

    Nice application! Need to work a bit on your language tone towards other players. But all in all a great guy, active and funny. As you know, I didn't quiet like you before I met you on discord, but after getting to know you I even hated you more than the first time. Good luck, yes from me
  4. Lex

    Bast - Member Application

    App approved by me, welcome Dazen!
  5. Your In Game Name 'L E X Age 21 Where are you from? Norway Favourite Server Search & Destroy How long have you played Call of Duty 4 for? More than 5 years Are you currently a member of another group/clan/community? No. Do you have any moderation experience? Yes Have you applied to join VSG before, if so give details Yes. I've been in VSG two times before. I first joined back when they first open. I was an active admin who did my duties right, unfortunately I had to focus more on school, which led me to be inactive and take a period off. I joined back for a 2nd time 6 months later and was active until my trip around the world. After a while I started playing other games due to my lack of interest in Call of Duty, so I left once again because I don't support being an admin if you don't do your parts right. Are you available on Discord? Yes Tell us about you I've been playing Call of Duty for as long as I can remember, on and off. And from all my experience I've never had so much fun and so many friends that I have gotten in VSG. I've been an active player on the server since I came back for 2 months, and I want to get back into VSG as a moderator to help out on the server whenever I can. I made so many friendships in VSG and I want to get back into the family again for good. From my perspective I was a good admin and a person, I don't think I have done anything wrong towards any of you or the players. If I have - and you have anything negative against me, please make sure to pm me incase we can sort it out. Thanks.

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