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  1. 1990sReloaded

    Top 100

    Nice! im 66
  2. 1990sReloaded


    name JOKER SnD Core Multihack
  3. 1990sReloaded

    Accepted:jackkkk - Member Application

    Ou YEA! +1 FROM ME
  4. 1990sReloaded

    Declined:qrurq - Member Application

    @KenEvil @Codex Can u block this app pls. They tell you you won't get it because 90% of your chat is insults, etc. Do something about it and apply again in January. If by that time your chat will be clean, you will certainly have a chance to get there, otherwise you have nothing to try and waste Your and our time. Special for u in polish lang Mowią Ci że się nie dostaniesz bo 90% twojego czatu to wyzwiska, itd. Zrób coś z tym i złóż aplikacje ponownie w styczniu. Jeśli do tego czasu twój czat będzie czysty, napewno będziesz miał szanse się dostać, inaczej nie masz co próbować i marnować Swojego oraz naszego czasu.
  5. 1990sReloaded

    AleksandrA - Member Application

    +1 from me Good luck
  6. 1990sReloaded


    #K_!_N_G Multihack
  7. 1990sReloaded


    KaraDanvers multihack
  8. 1990sReloaded


    Sima Multihack
  9. 1990sReloaded


  10. 1990sReloaded

    Irony666 - Member Application

    +1 again from me.
  11. 1990sReloaded

    Accepted:Viper - Member Application

    Good Luck
  12. 1990sReloaded

    Irony666 - Member Application

    ok ok, but u mentioned july last 4 week this guy is good. respect rule and more xd
  13. 1990sReloaded

    GHOST - Member Application

    +1 from me gl poland power
  14. 1990sReloaded

    Irony666 - Member Application

    @Codex You show chat stories from over a month, I think it's out of date. actually chat not bad on snd core. +1 from me. his vocabulary in the game has changed since July 7, so I don't understand why to go back and give -1 for this reason. but it's good that you mention it. good luck
  15. 1990sReloaded

    Luur - Member Application

    Hi Luur, Nice that you visited us. I can't see your profile so one of my colleagues will do it for me. After reading what you wrote, I say that I can forgive you your previous games. I would hold my decision for 2 weeks and see how you will play during this time. And only then did he make a decision. So far I am not expressing my opinion because I am not sure. Good luck and thanks for the applications.

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