Top 10 League • [VSG] COD4 S&D Core

Compete with the best of the best, these are the top 10 players matched by their skill level. Fight your way up and beat the best!
# Name Skill Ratio Kills Deaths
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For this League you need at least 6 connections and 50 kills to appear in this list

Last Seen

loco loco
[VSG] | RoxY
The 5 last seen players

Skill Award
(Best skill: 4653)
Kills Award
[[VSG] |]Kiki
(Most kills: 41761)
Ratio Award
RoxY <3
(Best Ratio: 2)
Winstreak Award
RoxY <3
(Highest winstreak: 30)
Rounds Award
[[VSG] |]Kiki
(Most rounds played: 65535)
Efficiency Award
(Most kills per round: 1)